NEW SERVER A nice new server in prep for transitioning to lots of new stuff. Phew! Life gets in the way sometimes! 😶‍🌫
If you have problems, or just want to say hello 😁 please just email me . And while you're at it, please follow me on Instagram where I post lots of pics of beautiful Japan. @macgroover

お願い Please join the Discord Channel. It's a chance to suggest features etc. to the biggest coming update since began. (Some features listed here). Suggestions/requests made before the update are much more likely to be implemented.

EARLY PREVIEW NOW OPEN Try out a very early preview of new site (Not working on new server. Beta soon

New Feature Click on the star on the popup to favorite words. (See image below).

Did you know? You can now share your translations. Just copy paste the URL like this:

Click the word to get more translations:


And the Romaji, Kana, Original options for the quick rollover: